Upcoming / これから 

June 2022 Essential Art Worker presents Daisuke Maeda solo show 

at LADS Gallery, Osaka

Past / これまで

March 2022 Essential Art Worker presents Akane Matsuura solo show 

at LADS Gallery, Osaka

@LADS GALLERY, Osaka・大阪市助成事業

2021 Essential Art Worker presents Tomoko Takagi solo show at LADS Gallery, Osaka

Sponsored by Osaka city 

2017 -Personal reality show - Atsuko ISHII Solo exhibition,  at 岩筆模MBmore , Taipei

Sponsored by LADS Gallery

2014年「Brushes & Smudges  -マチエールから読み解くメッセージ- 」@YOD Gallery

2014 Brushes & Smudges - reconsideration of brushmarks, abstract and non-figurative painting  -  at YOD Gallery, Osaka

                                                                      Essential Art Worker /  エッセンシャルアートワーカー                                                                                                                                                                                   
 〒553-0003 大阪市福島区福島 3-1-39  メリヤス会館 1F  LADS GALLERY内
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